The Collectors Circle

Photography is expensive.  Be it printing, equipment or travel…getting the right photograph costs money.  By becoming a member of my Collectors Circle not only will you be contributing to the arts but you will be helping me further my career as an artist.

What is the Collectors Circle you might ask?  The Collectors Circle is a limited opportunity annual membership program with special benefits exclusive to members.  This program is limited to ten people annually and is aimed at emerging collectors who wish to collect my work or established collectors that wish to add my work to their existing collections.

Membership costs $1000.00 per year and is paid in full once a year for every year that you wish to remain a member.

As a member, you will have up to three years following the expiration of your membership to choose a maximum of three photographs.  You may choose any three photographs you desire within the year(s) of your membership or the three years following your membership expiration.  If you have three pieces in mind now, that’s great!  If you have one in mind and want to see what I create in the next few years, that’s great too.  It’s completely up to you on which photographs you would like to add to your collection within the allotted time frame.

These are special edition prints, each limited to a run of ten and will be numbered in the order requested.  Each photograph is museum quality, printed on museum quality paper with archival pigments, framed in a beautiful sleek black frame, signed and numbered by me, the artist. 

Collectors CircleFramed Museum Print

The Collectors Circle is your opportunity to both contribute meaningfully to my work while getting a small collection of prints in return and contributing to the arts as a whole.

For further inquiries feel free to e-mail me through my Contact page.

* You may choose to cancel your membership at any time but full or partial refunds of the membership fee will not be refunded. 
* If you choose to cancel your membership, you will have three years from the date of your cancellation to make your selections.