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This is an ongoing project that all started with a photograph from Edward Weston called Pepper #30. I’m a huge fan of his work and in his photograph the focus was on the simple lines and beauty of an object. But it made me think of how people tend to all prepare their food in a certain way. Even as a culture there is a common way we all prepare certain foods. And for some of us, when we see it done wrong or a different way it gets under our skin. A perfect example of this, which happens to be one of the photographs that started this whole project, is the avocado. Everyone prepares an avocado the same way, and for good reason. The wrong way is kind of difficult…try it! But for some, if they saw it done like that, it might just get to them a little.
As one of those types, when I see things done inefficiently it kind of gets to me. I wanted to get under the skin of people like me. I wanted to confront them, and myself, with these strange expectations that we have either individually or as a culture that get to some of us, especially when it comes to preparing our food.