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An ongoing abstract series on the human senses up close and personal. When I started this project I only sought to explore the idea of ones identity in this modern age. With the increasing amount of security technology showing up in our lives today I wanted to explore the idea of how that starts to define our identity. The focus was on the eyes and the fingers but it exploded from there and became something different.
Keeping with the idea of identity I wanted to show how, we as humans, experience the world and what allows us to do that. I wanted to explore how we all experience the world differently and in different ways. But we all experience the world through the same five senses. Itrsquo;s interesting to me how we all hear or see but what we take from what we hear or see affects the experience. When I was a musician I thought about it a lot. How one piece of music can be so powerful to one person through their ears and nails on a chalkboard to the next person. I wanted to explore all these ideas through abstract photography of the tools that help us to do that.
If yoursquo;re interested in being a part of this series, please let me know. I am looking to expand it with a large variety of people.